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Organised Study Tips

Catch up before it is too late!

accounting economics help for international students

This time of year is tough at university.

If you are studying Accounting, Commerce or Business degrees, the weeks are flying and the pace of study is fast.

If you feel like things are getting out of control, you need to act quickly before it is too late.

Find out where you can improve.

As a teacher with many years experience, here are some tips that successful students follow.

Treat studying as a full-time job. Are you working too much in a job, enjoying yourself or experiencing fun in a new city? Try to plan time time to work, study, sleep and have fun. Don’t waste a minute!

Are you organised? Are your notes and handouts all in a pile? Spend some time to review all your material and sort them into a subject folder in date and lecture order. It is amazing how much this will clear your mind!

Are there subjects you just don’t get? Have you missed some key concepts? Did you miss an important lecture? Go back and review your material and if this doesn’t work get help quickly. Ask smart friends, practice the examples from your textbook. If this doesn’t help perhaps get a tutor for extra help.

Have you attended the tutorials and completed the required assignments? Your lectures, tutorials and assignments lead you through the required material to get you ready for the final exams.

Work together with friends, but make sure you complete your own work in assignments and projects. Having a ‘study buddy’ is a great way to succeed at Uni and they say teaching someone is the best way to learn the content.

Lecturers are very strict with plagiarism rules, so make sure you write an assessment in your own words. Don’t copy from anyone else. Make sure you reference the sources of your material. Follow the rules to your universities way of referencing. Your university website and the subject unit outlines should guide you with referencing protocols. Remember lecturers and tutors can check your work easily to see if you have copied from another student or published author.

August 20, 2018

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