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Business Maths

Revise your Business Maths

What is business maths?What you learnt at high school has been forgotten. So get your business maths knowledge back!

You must know how to create formula because this is necessary to create good spreadsheets.

Use these questions and answers to revise your maths, algebra, percentages and fractions.

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Percentages Questions and Answers

How do you Calculate Percentages? To help you calculate percentages use these percentages questions and answers.

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How do you Rearrange an Equation?

Rearranging the Equation To solve an equation for a variable, it is often necessary to reorganise the equation. This is …

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How do you Solve Equations in Business Maths

Operations are brackets, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and powers or exponents. Importantly it makes a difference to the answer which operation you …

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What is a percentage?

What is a percentage? A percentage is a part of 100. An amount is expressed as the number of parts …

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Business Maths Questions and Answers

Basic Maths for Economics and Accounting Students These business maths questions and answers will help so you can make sense …

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