Simple and easy to understand accounting and economics tutorial courses developed by a teacher who prepares students for university. Your personal online university business tutor!

For Business Online Tutorial Courses were developed because of the need for students to understand basic business concepts to succeed.

For many students studying university business subjects in English is difficult.

Use these short targeted tutorials to give important information to help you succeed at university.

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You can have access to a low cost For Business Online Tutorial Course for up to 6 months. Your own online tutor course in the subject you choose.

You can repeat the videos and quizzes many times if you wish to work hard to understand the content.

When you finish the For Business Online Business Tutorial Course you can then go back to your university study with more knowledge.

The online tutorial courses include;

  • Short videos to let you slowly hear the words and also read the words on the video keynote slides,
  • Infographics with pictures and diagrams are used to explain the words and concepts,
  • Quizzes with instant feedback to help you understand the key concepts,
  • Accounting games
  • Forums to give you the opportunity to put questions to the tutor and also benefit from other members of the groups questions and answers,
  • Badges as you progress through the courses and a
  • Certificate on the completion of the course.