Studying Maths and Using Algebra in Your Business Course?

It is important to quantify relationships in business study.  An important beginning business maths skill is brushing up on your high school algebra.

Algebra is when you use unknown variables and numbers in a mathematical relationship.

This knowledge is necessary so you can design formula and construct spreadsheets with financial information.

Here is a summary of some important algebraic relationships.

What is algebra?

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Percentages Questions and Answers

How do you Calculate Percentages? To help you calculate percentages use these percentages questions and answers.

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How do you Rearrange an Equation?

Rearranging the Equation To solve an equation for a variable, it is often necessary to reorganise the equation. This is rearranging the equation. This means we take numbers and variable across the equals (=) sign to get the subject we wish to solve isolated on one side of the equation. …

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Business Maths Questions and Answers

Basic Maths for Economics and Accounting Students These business maths questions and answers will help so you can make sense of the basic principles. Understanding percentages is crucial so you can understand accounting and economics business study. When you use these pictures and infographics it will help you make sense …

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