1. The Accounting Process and Ledger Accounts

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Use this free tutorial video course to get started with your accounting study.

To understand accounting you need to be able to identify items as either assets, liabilities, equity, income or expenses.

The video will introduce you to these concepts and games will help practice yourlearning.



This online course covers:

  • ♦ Video – The Accounting Process and Five Types of Ledger Accounts
  • ♦ Accounting Game – Choose the Account Type
  • ♦ Accounting Game – Select the Asset Accounts
  • ♦ Accounting Game – Select the Liability Accounts
  • ♦ Accounting Game – Select the Equity Accounts
  • ♦ Accounting Game – Select the Revenue Accounts
  • ♦ Accounting Game – Select the Expense Accounts

♦ Accounting Game – The Accounting Process


video accounting processes assets

accounting games

accounting games


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