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4. Prepare an Income Statement and Balance Sheet

$10.00 per 6 months

Use your knowledge from the previous accounting courses (the accounting process, the accounting equation and the debit and credit rules, processing journals to ledgers) to prepare an Income Statement and Balance Sheet from a Trial Balance.

In the videos, a teacher will explain;

  • ♦How to prepare financial reports from the trial balance,
  •      ♦The Balance Sheet or Statement of Financial Position, and
  •     ♦ The Profit and Loss/ Income Statement or Statement of Financial Performance
  • ♦How to classify items on the financial statements

Practice your learning with games and further notes.



This online course covers:

  • ♦ Video – Financial Reports – The Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet
  • ♦ Accounting Game – Prepare Simple Financial Statements
  • ♦ Quiz – Financial Reports
  • ♦ Unit – Classified Income Statement for Internal Management Purposes
  • ♦ Unit – Classified Balance Sheet for Internal Management Purposes
  • ♦ ebook – Financial Reports


video financial statements
preview balance sheet game
preview extra materials financial statements


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