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What is Economics?

Get started with your economics with these fundamentals

What is Economics?

Economics is about Decision Making and Choices.

what is economicsBecause economics is about choices, it involves the human behaviour of consumers and producers.

Consumers demand goods and services to satisfy their needs and wantsProducers provide items that consumers will purchase. Producers are motivated to make a profit.

Resources are Scarce

Resources are things that producers use to make goods and services.

In economics, the definition of resources is very broad. Often the value is not easily measured as they can be the land, the climate, workers or roads. Resources are anything that contributes to making a product for a buyer.

what is economics

Importantly for an economy, resources are limited, but consumer’s needs and wants are unlimited. 

This is the concept of scarcity of resources.

This is the economic problem, the foundation of economics.

Economics is about how an economy makes the best use of these limited resources.

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Economics is about Human Behaviour

Because economics is about choices, it is also about what motivates and influences consumers and producers.

what is economicsLow prices motivate consumers and profits motivate producers to supply to the market, where buyers and sellers trade their product.

The law of demand and supply comes from these motivations.

The interaction of this demand and supply becomes the price mechanism.

So economics explains how markets work.

Micro and Macro-economics

In your economics studies you will also learn about microeconomics and macroeconomics.

Micro means small and macro means big. In economics, micro focusses on individuals, businesses and parts of the economy. Macro focusses on the overall economy.

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